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This is exactly me

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Roberto Bolle & Polina Semionova in Passage

goals tbh

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*takes the collar off my dog* ur nakey

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" I never approached Rita as a female action character, I just saw her as this lethal powerhouse who was pretty much the toughest person I’ve come across. It was exciting to approach her in that way, you know? She wasn’t this kind of butch woman, she had gotten to where she was by being savvy and intelligent and determined, and I think that’s what excited me – the spirit she had, the chutzpah she had (laughs), and courage she had. She’s an incredibly courageous character. " - Emily Blunt on Rita Vrataski

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The 10 Biggest Emmy Snubs of 2014

The nominations for the 2014 Emmys were announced this morning - and while many deserving shows and performances received nominations, and great number of even better ones did not. This is par for the course - the Emmys rarely gets it COMPLETELY right. Still there were 10 nominations we couldn’t believe didn’t make the cut…

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Anastasia Lukina and Nail Yenikeyev in Xenia Zvereva’s Soaring

Photo © Marc Olich

her feet…

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Game of Thrones Characters sorted into Hogwarts Houses